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Selling Your Property

An Important choice to make when selling your house is to choose the right Realtor: A decision that could majorly affect your property sales. You must also need to consider how to manage any issues/hassles at this stage.
Selling your home

Preparing Your Home For Sale

We usually sell our property if we don’t need them (for various reasons). If we have an emotional association with it, it is usually with the past. Selling your property is entirely different to selling possessions. It is absolutely normal to have an emotional bonding to your own home as it protects us and they are inseparable from our day-to-day life. Sometimes we may feel that by selling the home we are detaching a part of us. This adds an emotional aspect in the selling process and is aggravated in the case of retirement, farewell or afflictions which are actually a part and parcel of life.

It is always advisable that you be aware of that you also (likely) have feelings about your property and this may affect your behavior. Many people take their property off the market at a later stage in proceedings as they abruptly realize they don’t want to sell at all. Anyone who is carrying such sentiments is susceptible to be slow dealing with selling formalities, ambiguous in communication and usually slows the process in a subconscious way to stop the sales process. Try to distance yourself from this kind of things and prepare yourself for a hassle free sale.


Be clear on how much you can afford and on property valuation. This will be of assistance to figure out the maximum price you can expect for your property and also the minimum price that will be required to invest in your next property purchase. Keep both aspects in consideration and make a reasonably valid choice.


Some fixtures and fittings which include carpets, curtains, doors & bathroom fittings, storage heaters, appliances are usually included in the sale price. Always be clear on the following:

Things that you will be certainly taking with you.

Things that you are ready to negotiate over.

Things that you are sure you don’t want them – you need to dispose of these if the buyer also doesn’t need it. Less clutter obviously is more space (and space sells the property).

Make a list of things that you would sell off (the ones that even your buyer doesn’t need) and organize it so that it is easy for you to sell. Check if you have a lot of things (typically the hefty ones) that needs disposal and consult your local Cleaning businesses who may remove them for a small charge. Make a note of all the things & keep it handy as you may need it for future reference.

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