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Thinking of Selling? New Construction Will Soon Be New Competition

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For the last several years, home sellers had to compete with huge inventories of distressed properties (foreclosures and short sales). The great news is that the supply of these properties is falling like a rock in the vast majority of housing markets. Many homeowners are now thinking of selling as the impact of this substantially discounted competition has disappeared.

However, every seller of an existing residential property must realize that there is a new form of competition about to hit the market: newly constructed homes.

As the economy improves, builders will again be bringing their housing developments to the market. Trulia recently reported that the purchaser, given a choice, actually prefers new construction. Here are two charts showing the results of the Trulia survey:

New Construction Trends | Keeping Current Matters


Bottom Line

If you are thinking of selling, perhaps you should do it now to avoid the additional competition that will come to the market later this year.

Source: http://www.simplifyingthemarket.com/en/2014/07/08/thinking-of-selling-new-construction-will-soon-be-new-competition/?a=300707-b1182e40cfa0cba78377eee9df38896c

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